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lease sites


  • Tenants are welcome to use all the amenities of the campground.

  • Lease sites offer water, electric, sewage, and fire rings.

  • Lease sites are separated from overnight camping for a more private and quiet atmosphere.

  • Lease site areas have street lights and are wired for telephone.



  • 30 amps: Quotes available upon request

  • 50 amps: Quotes available upon request

  • Payment options include annually, semi-annually, quarterly, and monthly.


The Hitching Post offers short and long term site leases based on usage for individuals wishing to have a home away from home.

Vacation Lease: Yearly

Yearly lease sites offer occupancy each weekend of the year and three weeks during the year. Charges are prorated over the year with a variety of payment plans. (Other lease options available.)

Vacation Lease: Seasonal

Typical seasonal lease sites are prorated as a six month lease and also come with a variety of payment options. (Other lease durations available.)

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